Why plan your career using a scientific method?


1. What is Career Assessment?

An assessment is a series of questions or statements that one answers or responds to, that are then scored by hand or computer. The results are provided in a report that measures or gives feedback on the particular topic (aptitude, personality, interest, adjustment, etc.) of the assessment. A Career Assessment gives information about careers and helps one make wise career-related decisions. 

2.Why is Career planning and guidance Important? Does Career Guidance make a difference?

Your career is totally your responsibility. Career planning and guidance helps one to develop a set of career goals, strategy and options based on your aptitude, interests, personality, values and skills. Once you have a plan, you will be equipped to self-manage your career and take advantage of changes in the economy and job market rather than becoming a victim of change. Your career decisions will dramatically impact your lifestyle. Your occupation will determine where you live, your income, your work hours, your travels, job security, your choice of work associates and friends, and how you spend your leisure time. 

3.What information does Career Guidance provide?

Career Guidance will advice you about:
-your career planning strategy
– how to find information you need
– how to get around obstacles
– how to go about planning your current and long term education and training. 

4.How can My Mann-Mitra team help with Career Guidance?

Understanding yourself is a critical aspect of career and educational exploration and planning. The more you know about your career related interests, values, skills, personality type and preferences, the better equipped you will be to identify the career fields, major areas of study and training programs, and education pathways that are compatible with your personal attributes.
The My Mann-Mitra system will help you develop an accurate self-assessment of your personal qualities:
Your Work Interests are a reflection of the kinds of work related activities and tasks you most enjoy doing.
Your Aptitudes are a reflection of your talents and the types of things you easily learn and perform well.
Your Personality Type is a description of how you react to certain situations and people, how you make decisions, how you organize information and go about solving problems. 

5.What is the role of parents in the career decision making process of their children?

Parents being the first mentors of children before they are mature enough to make career based decisions will have to take their best foot forward in making decisive career changes in the lives of their wards. Also, certain determining decisions cannot be taken by applicants of younger age and hence, parents have a major role there. In Indian academic scenario, parents feel they have a big role in determining the lives of their children. This goes to the extent that sometimes they impose their decisions onto their wards. Till the scenario changes and children become smart enough to be able to deterministically determine and make career decision, parents will remain inevitable part. It is advisable that children come for the guidance session along with both or at least one of the parents. 

6. With all the career assessments out there, why should I choose My Mann-Mitra?

Although there are many assessments, few, if any, approached work from a comprehensive perspective. Fewer still covered all four aspects of career selection (Personality, Interests, Skills, and Study Habits). Most only cover one or two of these areas. More than one test is usually necessary to cover all of the components of a complete personal profile.? My Mann-Mitra career services were developed based on comprehensive principles and designed to provide a full profile in one assessment report. This profile all four aspects of career selection. 

7.What makes us unique?

Components of our assessment process provide information similar to other well-known assessments which cover those components such as aptitude, personality, interest, Intelligence, etc. However our assessment includes personality, interests, skills, aptitude, and financial management factors in one assessment, making it one of the most comprehensive assessments available.

8.How long does it take to complete the the assessment?

All our test packages are approximately 2 hours long. In the online mode however, there is a facility for log out at any stage of the test. The test can be from anywhere you are comfortable.

9.What is the research history behind our assessment?

Briefly, the assessment was developed over a two-year period using standard psychometric principles and testing thousands of applicants. The assessment is not based or derived from existing instruments but was developed from scratch with an idea to develop a comprehensive 

10. After assessment, will My Mann-Mitra get me a job also?

No, we strictly do not promote any admission or job recruitments. However, we will help you determine the best type of occupation to pursue and give you directions on how to proceed in your job search. It will identify the area’s you should pursue and make it clear which areas you should avoid. We can guide you from where and how you can get recruitment services.

11.Are there any key points of a person?s life (like monetary conditions, geographic location, etc?)
that is taken into consideration in the assessment?

Factors like market opportunity, financial considerations, geographic limitations, family background, disabilities, etc. are taken into account by the counselors before coming to any final conclusion.

12.Do you also have any assessment for specially abled students?

No, Not currently.

13.Can students with visual/hearing impairment also sit for this assessment?

If the impairment does not interfere with normal functioning and the applicant is leading a normal life going to a normal school, it may be sure taken up.

14.Is the assessment test available in other languages also?

No, not as of now but we surely intend to enter that zone very soon.

15. How many sessions are involved in this program?

Only 2 sessions. First is the general interview (half n hour) session followed by test taking and finally the guidance session( 1.5 hours max)

16.What happens in the sessions?

First session is for you to build up a rapport with the counselor and system. In the second session an in-depth report explanation and an explorative discussion on career path as well other determining factors leads to come to a final conclusion for your career related queries.

17.I may not be able to make time for two 2 hour sessions. Is there any way to split them into shorter sessions?

Yes, on special recommendation and due to genuine reason we can make the arrangement but according to availability of our counselors.

18.How long do I have wait for my report and counseling after completion of test?

A minimum of 48 hours is required before you can go to the further step.

19. Are your Counselors professionally skilled?

Yes, we are also registered as a certified career counsellor at Ministry of Employment and Labor, Government of India.

20. I’ve been looking around and most career guidance programs cost less than your program? Why is your program so costly?

The assessment is more comprehensive than most of the other career-oriented assessments, which only measure one or two dimensions. Two or more alternative assessments are usually required to cover all that is reported in a single assessment.The cost of assessment is competitively priced and in many cases cheaper than other comparable assessments. 

21.Do you provide college admission/ job recruitment assistance?

No. However we can guide you where to get these services

22.Am I going to know exactly what I want to do when I leave you?

Mostly yes, if you have undergone the entire process sincerely, you will leave out with a clear vision and insight into career related decisions.